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Heathrow Airport by Our Airport Guide

Heathrow by Our Airports Guide welcomes you to our information guide for Heathrow airport in the United Kingdom. Heathrow is the third biggest and busiest airports in the world and has flights to all points around the globe and is located about 15 miles west of London. 

Heathrow Taxi Service and Chauffeur Transfers

A Taxi to or from Heathrow airport London can be arranged with specialist Heathrow Taxi firms or a taxi rank can be found outside arrivals for each of the five Terminals at Heathrow. Chauffeur transfers to Heathrow can be arranged in advance and a list can be found on our Taxi page. If you are travelling in a group a pre booked taxi is often the quickest and cheapest form of transport. 

Getting to Heathrow on Public Transport

Heathrow is accessible by the Heathrow Express and the London Underground. There is also a bus – rail link coach services at Heathrow Airport running to and from London and other major cities such as Reading, Oxford, Woking and Watford.

Book a Taxi

Make a booking in advance for a fixed price. With more than one passenger a taxi can cheaper.

Airport Parking

Find the cheapest airport parking.Quick links:
APH – Airport Parking and Hotels
Heathrow Official Airport Parking

Shopping in the Terminals

Find out which duty free shop are at the terminal you are leaving from.

Hand Luggage Allowances

How much hand luggage can I take on board with which airline.

Airport Parking

At Heathrow airport you have On-site Short Stay parking, On-site Long Stay parking,  Off-site Long Stay parking and Meet and Greet or Valet parking.  Heathrow car parking can be a cheap or expensive, with Meet and Greet services available to cheap  airport parking at off-site locations. If you are travelling with young children one option that comes recommended by me is to use the meet and greet service as this reduces the number of transfers you as a parent have to do with the children and their bags, toys, etc.

Shopping at Heathrow

Heathrow airports terminals shops are in different sections of Heathrow’s terminals Check-in, Departures, Baggage Reclaim and Arrivals. Here is a comprehensive list of Heathrow Terminal 1 shopping, Heathrow Terminal 3 shopping, Heathrow Terminal 4 shopping and Heathrow Terminal 5 shopping also know as T5.

Heathrow was named the best airport for shopping for the years 2010 to 2013 by Skytrax World Airport awards, independently voted for by passengers. The new Heathrow Terminal 2 ‘Queen’s Terminal’ will have 67 new outlets with shops, bars and restaurants including a new John Lewis store.

Heathrow Terminal 1 Duty Free Shops

american express Duty Free Shop at Heathrow
American Express
bally Duty Free Shop at Heathrow
barbour Duty Free Shop at Heathrow
+Show all Heathrow Terminal 1 (T1) Duty Free Shops

Heathrow 3 Duty Free Shops

bally Duty Free Shop at Heathrow
boots Duty Free Shop at Heathrow
bulgari Duty Free Shop at Heathrow
+Show all Heathrow Terminal 3 (T3) Duty Free Shops

Heathrow 4 Duty Free Shops

american express Duty Free Shop at Heathrow
American Express
bally Duty Free Shop at Heathrow
beauty studio Duty Free Shop at Heathrow
Beauty Studio
+Show all Heathrow Terminal 4 (T4) Duty Free Shops

Heathrow 5 Duty Free Shops

add Duty Free Shop at Heathrow
american express Duty Free Shop at Heathrow
American Express
boots Duty Free Shop at Heathrow
+Show all Heathrow Terminal 5 (T5) Duty Free Shops

With Tips on Travelling with Young Children and Infants

When flying from Heathrow we are hoping you have allowed plenty of time to enjoy all the  facilities at Heathrow airport and not be stressed. We want you to have all the knowledge that you need to guide you through Heathrow Terminals and it's security control so we have written a few pages with some tips on what will happen at Heathrow security control and what thing you can take on the plane with your children.

Duty Free - UK

When flying into Heathrow from Europe you can bring in an unlimited amount of most goods, but check the Duty Free restrictions as it all has to be for your own use. Coming from outside the EU into Heathrow there are more Duty Free restriction. It is always a good idea to check before you travel and in my experience if in doubt and there is no internet access, ask the cabin crew on the plane they are generally very helpful.

Hand Luggage Restrictions

Hand Luggage Restrictions

Luggage Restrictions by Airline

After struggling to help my brother out by finding which airline is the most generous with it's bagage allowance we have put together a page that will allow you to look up and go to the airlines hand luggage and hold luggage restrictions and allowances.

Care Hire

Whether you are dropping of or picking up a Hire car at Heathrow it is worth knowing where the car rental companies are located and how to get to them. We have made a page so you can find out fast which car rental company suites you and you traveller tastes. With links to the relevant hire car companies and showing what restrictions they have and what documents you will need.

Departures and Arrivals

Whether you are dropping passengers off or picking them up it is now easy to find out which terminal they are arriving at. Our quick search allows you to find which terminal at Heathrow is used by which airline to fly to specific destinations. With link to Heathrow's arrivals and departures boards, the postcodes for each of Heathrows airport terminals and suggestions for how early you should arrive before your flight departs.

Getting to Heathrow by Car

Heathrow Airport Terminals 1, 2 & 3 are on the west side of London on the M4 and just inside the M25 (The main motorway running round the outside of London). Please note to get to the different terminals you will need different directions. For example Heathrow Terminal 5 (British Airways) is located directly off the M25 and Heathrow Terminal 4 is accessed off the A30 to the south east.

If you are coming from the north of England you would get to the M25/M4 Heathrow Junction by either the M1 or M40, from the West you would come in on the M4 passed Windsor, from the South West you would use the M3 to get to the M25/M4, from the East you would use the M26 and from the South the M23 to the M25/M4. You can use the Google maps to find Heathrow Airport by clicking here and the directions to Heathrow.

Heathrow Airport
Heathrow Airport , Greater London, TW6 1AP
Telephone: 0844 335 1801

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